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JAAED Vision 


We wear the titles of

Boss. Mom. Wife. (B.M.W.)

with Pride


They become our badges of Honor for which we strive to meet every expectation each title holds.

But are you tired of living a life built around putting everyone first except yourself?

Feeling unhappy, frustrated, resentful, and burned out.

Tired of feeling like you are just surviving in everyone else’s world but not thriving in your own?

It’s time to say NO MORE! No more tolerating this auto-piloted, drained daily life. It is time to see yourself with energy and a smile that lights up the room. It's time you take the time to fix what is no longer serving you.


You deserve the life you crave

You can have it all without sacrificing your health and happiness or what matters most to the ones you love…YOU!

The Boss. Mom. Wife.

Bounce Back

Is designed for the B.M.W woman ready to forsake all others and take back control of their life. 

In just 6 weeks, you will...

Boost Resiliency to Avoid Burnout

Through identifying and working through the internal causes of:

  1. The feeling of being out of control

  2. Exhaustion

  3. Cynicism; and

  4. ​Inefficacy


Uncover The Boundary Breakthrough needed for Self-Focused Realignment.

Identifying those much needed personal boundaries through 
breaking down your limits and clarifying what your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual limits are and establishing non-negotiables designed to honor yourself.


And, Rediscover A  Limitless Mindset To Aid In The Change Within

Developing healthy habits that stick through shifting from a fixed mindset to a 
growth mindset

Are you ready to Bounce Back....?!

Women Holding Hands
I'm Coach Jazemine

The B.M.W. 
Boundary Breakthrough Life Coach

Are You Ready to Join and Rediscover Your Confidence, Boundaries, and The Mindset Shift needed for You to Consistently show up for Yourself?!

Let's Get Started
Fill out the below to be taken to the B.M.W.s. Intake form.

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